Qualified Retirement Plans

Getting The Most Out Of Your Plan

Compare and contrast your plan to optimize its potential.  The following are common concerns that we can help address when it comes to designing your plan. 

  • Enrollment lagging?  We can demonstrate how automatic enrollment might improve participation.
  • Need to improve contribution rates?  A matching contribution, however modest, can provide the incentive your employees need to join the plan.  We can help you find the ideal formula for your budget.
  • Want to save more for your retirement each year?  Our first priority is to design the plan to get your elective deferrals up to the maximum, then layer on a possible match and a profit sharing contribution.  We will design the optimal solution around your company’s demographics and your goals.
  • Still not enough to meet your retirement goals?  We can discuss layering on a second plan.  Whether you are a large or small business or even a non-profit, there are options that may be worth considering.
  • Turnover problems?  A vesting schedule on employer contribution accounts can provide an incentive for your employees to stay with you.
  • Recruitment challenges?  Allowing entry into the plan for new hires after a short waiting period is a hot button for candidates.  Any employer contributions are an added benefit to the compensation package you can offer.

Having Problems With Your Current Plan?

We can help you solve most any problem your plan may encounter.  The following are common issues that we can help you solve.

  • Late 5500 filings
  • Supplemental compliance testing services
  • Special trust accounting projects
  • Related companies and coverage issues
  • Prohibited Transaction corrections

If your plan has issues, let us help you get them resolved.

Request a Customized Plan Comparison  

Let us create a plan comparison specifically based on your company's goals.  Once you submit your request we will contact you to gather the information needed to prepare your confidential plan comparison.  The plan comparison will enable you to confidently choose a plan that is best suited to your needs.

A plan comparison would benefit the following people:

  • A company owner who would like to set up a retirement plan
  • A company owner who would like to see an illustrated example of what they could expect to save with the different plan types
  • A company owner who would like to reward or provide incentives for different employee groups
  • A company owner who would like to shelter revenue from taxes
  • An employer that wants to attract and retain top employees

How We Support Business Owner’s Needs

Employee Retention

In today’s dynamic economy, the acquisition and retention of talent can be one of the biggest issues facing small business. A properly structured Qualified Retirement Plan can be an effective tool for attracting and retaining talented employees. Whether it is a Defined-Benefit Plan, Defined-Contribution Plan, or a combination of both, these plans provide financial incentives for employees.

Fiduciary Support

Let us design a plan where we take responsibility for investment decisions, your plan’s investment policy statement, the monitoring of investment performance and fees, and avoiding conflicts of interest with the plan.  Let us insulate you from the potential pitfalls that can put you at risk.

Plan Design

There are several types of plans from which your business can choose from when offering a Qualified Retirement Plan to your employees. Yaegers Financial Services can assist you in reviewing all of your options and selecting the best plan for you and your business.  

We do this by getting to know you and your company’s demographics, when you want your employees to become eligible for the plan, distribution options including whether or not to add loans or hardship withdrawals, and options for employer contributions – minimums and maximums, matching contributions or profit sharing, vested over time or not.  The bottom line is, we focus on you.  What do you want out of the plan for yourself, your family, your key employees, and your staff. 

The following are some of the Qualified Plans available.  It’s a long list, but don’t worry we’ll help you narrow it down:

  • Standard 401(k)
  • Safe Harbor 401(k)
  • Profit Sharing Plans
  • New Comparability Profit Sharing Plans
  • 401(k) New Comparability Profit Sharing Plans
  • 403(b) Plans
  • Traditional Defined Benefit Plans
  • Cash Balance Plans
  • Simplified Employee Pension (SEP) Plans

Why A Retirement Plan Makes Sense

Providing your employees with an opportunity to save for their future is an under-rated responsibility of a business owner.  By offering a retirement plan to your employees, you are bringing to them the opportunity for financial success.  Strong candidates for key roles in your company expect the opportunity to participate in a retirement plan.  You want your employees to be able to retire comfortably so you can allow the next generation to move into responsible roles.  

As a business owner, your retirement account is important too.  It provides you with some diversification and ERISA protection of your investments outside of your business.  In funding your retirement account, you are able to pull money out of your business on a tax-favored basis while you are in control of the company.  Building successful outcomes for both you and your employees with a retirement plan is another example of a win-win.

Services Offered

We’ll answer the phone and help answer you and your employee’s questions saving you the time of learning and explaining your plan to your employees.  These are some of the retirement plan services you’ll enjoy:

  • Calculate maximum deductible employer contributions
  • Perform all mandatory compliance testing
  • Take on 3(38) full fiduciary responsibility for your plan
  • Prepare government filings: Form 5500 and related schedules
  • Prepare Employee communications
  • Determine eligibility for participation
  • Highly Compensated and Key Employee status

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